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Love Seminar

“I attended the Love Seminar and it was amazing. It felt so good being there with all those people who are also searching for answers. We got to explore our inner self, our limitations in our relationships and every day lives, and how to be more aware of our programming. We got to really see how our idea of love was really limiting us and keeping us from the perfect relationship. My partner is signed up for the next Love Seminar. No fear just unconditional love.”

“The seminar was very good and very helpful. Every subject hit the spot. I would love to hear and experience more.” I particularly liked the discussions about parents and children. I think about those issues a lot and I felt like I was getting new tools to handle them. The seminar made me see a lot of things I didn’t see before. The seminar will help me take the fear out of my life and my relationships as much as possible.“

This seminar left me completely satisfied. I will take the tools I received here today to every relationship in my life: my partner, my son, family, friends and work. My whole concept of love is changed for the good."

Excellent seminar. Very well balanced between theory ,exercises, and discussion. I could relate to every topic. Every topic discussed was useful to me. What impressed me the most was the exercise we did where we looked at how we would handle a particular situation before we took the seminar and how we would handle the same situation after the seminar. What a difference."

“ I strongly recommend this seminar. Only you can change your life but this seminar gives you the tools to do it. I don’t think I’ll look at things the same way again. If there is pain in your life, if you feel discomfort or not satisfied, or if there is anything in your life that you would like to change, this seminar is for you. There are no words to describe how I feel about what I heard and learned here today, you’ll have to come and experience it yourself, and the sooner the better."

Communications Seminar

“This seminar was excellent. The progression of the material builds on itself so that by the last exercise I felt competent to apply alll that I learned. Al has such command of the material and his interaction with each participant was absolutely amazing.”
M. Johnson

“This was a great course for dealing with communication skills in the real world. I particularly liked the interaction of the students in applying the material.”
Skip F. (408)984-6661

“I really enjoyed this class. I feel I learned a lot of new skills. I especially like the fact that I could practice these new skills under the eyes of a skilled observer.”
Linda E. (408)866-8578

“I really got to see the difference between how I communicated then and how I can communicate now. It was a wake up call for me. I feel excited about applying my new communication skills.”

“The information was presented with intelligence and sensitivity. I was impressed with the ease that participants were able to apply the information.”
Kitty S.

Relationship Seminar

“I should have taken this seminar years ago. It would have saved me lots of grief.”

“I plan on coming every year to refresh and keep my relationship strong.”

“I particularly like the tools and the role playing. A very valuable weekend.”

“I plan on letting all my friends know about this seminar. It’s a gift I want to share."
J. M.

“My overall impression of the seminar was that it was beneficial and it supported the ACIM principles of taking responsibility for how we see things. It supported the need to make the decision to be happy and then stay the course.

I was most impressed by the continued focus on our own contributions to creating a fulfilling relationship with others. I know of no other workshop where the time is so focused on the need to change our own unreal expectations of relationships. There is much rhetoric in the world to this effect. Yet, there always seems to be a loophole. I saw no loopholes here. And all participants were willing to accept the challenge to look at their own self-sabotage which is so sweetly held unconscious. This ego deception is so heinous and yet so hard to see. I went to the next deeper level for me in uncovering this deception during the seminar. The "uncovering" has continued at home since the weekend. I guess when you let the light in, it continues to fill the room.

I was also impressed, Al, with your ability to highlight ideas at certain key points as they were happening during the weekend. You seemed to have the right amount of hands on and hands off to allow us our space to explore, yet you brought us all together to focus on a certain aspect at various times. You also kept us in a state of compassion and it never got fingerpointy. This helped bring and keep the group together.

The role playing was without a doubt, enlightening. Even(especially) playing the parts...was enlightening because I had to rise to the occasion and I found that I actually had it within me to do so. In fact, it restored my faith in my ability to love and to teach. At home when I am "in the role," I often fail to react/respond from Love. Since I have returned to L.A. I notice that I have a renewed desire to return to "Life Coaching." I was feeling so alienated from my ability to do anything helpful in the world. Experiencing myself through giving to others at the workshop, made me see that I did indeed have something to give, after all! So thank you for that!

I really liked how you asked for people to share "what they heard" or "how they related to" what you'd said after you would share information. You did that more on Friday and earlier on Saturday than during Saturday afternoon. It was enlightening to me to here people's shares and to share. It was so amazing how everyone had unique and individualized responses to what you'd said. There was a lot of info given to us on Saturday afternoon and while I know that is necessary...I wonder if there is some way to include some more interaction throughout that process. And I am not sure where everyone is coming from, but if we are all more or less on the same wave length, maybe some of it could be left out. Most of us seem to know that stuff intellectually...it is not applying it that is causing the grief. That is why the role playing is so valuable.

There are a lot of repercussions for me from the weekend...and it would be nice to have somewhere to share/vent as a result of coming home and trying this stuff out. Feelings are coming up for me and I don't really have a place to go with these feelings. The group setting is sweet-if they understand- and I wish I could teleport into your group!

So that is my response and evaluation. Feel free to quote me!

I feel that I have been touched on a deep level by the workshop. It has moved me from a place of self pity to seeing that there is another person in this relation. It is not just me. Thank you, Al, for offering this opportunity to look at my world in this new way! :-) ”
P. S.

“This was my second Relationship seminar and it helped to reboot my spiritual computer. The role playing helped to clarify the practices learned. "
K. J.

“The seminar was a very good, useful, necessary tool for a very important area of human communication.

Asilomar was a beautiful, congenial location for a weekend workshop of spiritual growth. I enjoyed and value the time spent . The role playing was a powerful method to see ourselves in action. I can’t think of anything to change or to improve the workshop. Thanks so much. I was so glad to attend. "
L. E.

“This seminar was invaluable. It was amazing. I feel it helped me change my focus in life and in my relationships. I now understand so many things about myself and my relationships. I’m sure that my life and my relationship with my partner will be so much better.

The most favorable impression I have is the notion that I am the only one who can bring change into my relationship. It is so powerful!. I own my own feelings and I can bring peace and love into my life and into my relationships. I wish to become the most loving being that I can be. "
S. K.

“If I had to take one seminar on Relationships, this would be it. The information is invaluable and the presentation was perfect. It made it all so clear. The role playing drove it all home. Thank you so much."
C. T.


“Al is a gifted and inspired mediator."

“I’ll never litigate again."

“Meetings never worked so well."

"I went in with an enemy and came out with a neighbor. Thank you."

“This was a wonderful experience.”

“I dreaded this coming meeting and now I look forward to future meetings with my wonderful neighbors.”

Al Lampell


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