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Why Do You Need Facilitation?


In today's tight market, companies need that important edge to make their profit and to stay in business and make that business strong. What is that edge? That edge is smart, dedicated, loyal employees who are willing to go all out. Employees who operate as if they own the company; who operate as if their decisions and their actions are responsible for the strength and success of the company.

Employees who see it as just a job do not give their company that extra edge.

The world is made up of all sorts of people and each company gets a sampling of these diverse types of people. Recruiters gather to a company those people who have certain skills necessary for the job they will do. But what makes these people good employees, good team players, employees who will give their company that extra edge?

The old paradigms no longer work. Fear of losing one's job does not make a good employee. The old work relationships do not give a company that extra edge. What does work is relationships built on trust, honoring, respect, and good communication. What makes a good community makes a good company.

A facilitator for this age can instill in a company those elements that do work. It is a training of the employees and management in good working relationships. Relationships based on love and not fear. This makes the workplace a place where employees are eager to spend their time. A workplace that brings them fulfillment, meaning, and joy. Add that to technical expertise and you have that winning edge.

Community gatherings, Condo’s, Intentional communities, community event planning, etc.

Just as in businesses, diversity could work for you or against you. A trained facilitator makes diversity work for you. Goals are reached but not at the expense of creating harmony. A good facilitator models good communication and can impart these skills to the group. A group that works without a skilled facilitator may run the risk of creating enough dissension to pull the group apart.

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