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“A Return to Love” Maryanne Williamson

Maryanne is about the best known spokesperson for A Course In Miracles.

Her talks and her writings have inspired millions of people. She has probably done more to make people aware of ACIM than other person. “A Return to Love” is her first book and it is a good first book to introduce you to the Course.

“Love is Letting Go of Fear” Gerald Jampolsky

This is the book that introduced me to ACIM. I was in a poor state, going through a separation and I was hurting. I read and reread this book many times. As long as I was reading I was OK. It woke me up to a new way of thinking that changed my life forever.

“The Power Of Now” Eckhart Tolle

This is a wonderful book that we used in our weekly study group. The ideas come right out of ACIM but are presented in a clear an inspirational way. A must for the serious spiritual student.

“The Disappearance of the Universe” Gary R. Renard

This is a book that our study group is presently reading and it is very powerful. Also a must.

"Conversations With God" Neale Donald Walsh

Joyful experience. Also a study group reading.

"The Spiritual Log Book for People on the Grow" Al Lampell

An easy to use, fun log book for people on the path. A great gift for yourself and others.

"The Fear to Joy Transition Manual" Al Lampell

A Self Help Book that has helped many move from a pain filled situation to a state of joy.

"The Conscious Haggadah" Al Lampell

To be used by all spiritually conscious people during the Passover Seder.

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