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Why Al Lampell?

Al Lampell has been an engineer for over 40 years. He has owned his own electronic consulting company and has worked with over 6 start ups as well as many established companies.

Al Lampell is also a teacher/student/counselor for “A Course In Miracles” a psychological, spiritual, body of study of the human condition. He leads weekly study groups as well as seminars Al Lampell with Dolphinin: achieving higher consciousness; Love; and Relationships. He is involved in the Santa Clara County Dispute Resolution Program performing case input and mediations. He sits on the board of two major local charities.

Al Lampell is trained and certified in mediation and facilitation.

As a student/teacher of A Course In Miracles® I take communication very seriously. I do this by teaching (demonstrating) conscious loving communication. Conscious loving communication is best described as communication sans judgement, anger, blame, control, manipulation, and fear. Loving communication is seriously lacking in our world as demonstrated by the present state of the world, from the divorce rate, to the amount of litigation, and the ultimate expression of non loving communication, war. Conflict has become associated with non loving communication and has therefore received bad press. Conflict is neither bad or good, it just is. It represents the diverse opinions that people have. It can be good if it helps us to see the many sides to an issue and therefore find the better solutions. My goal is to use and demonstrate the use of conscious loving communication to resolve conflict.

The definition I use for love is that action which I or others engage in which serves to leave everyone involved feeling honored, respected, valued, and at peace.

These are the methods we, as humans, have for conflict resolution.

1. War, Bullying, Force. When we don't get our way we resort to war/bullying/force to impose our way on others. This is a win/lose method but in reality it is a lose/lose method. It doesn't lead to peace and it is not loving.

2. Litigation. We get others to fight our battles and then have a judge to make the decision. This is a win/lose method and it is very costly in terms of money and time. It doesn't lead to peace and it is not loving.

3. Arbitration. We find ourselves an arbitrator which is in reality a judge, to hear our polarized positions and make a verdict. This is a win/lose method which is cheaper and takes less time than litigation. It doesn't lead to peace and it is not loving.

4. Facilitation /Mediation. We find a neutral person, who is an expert in conscious loving communication, to help us move from our polarized positions and allows us to find a solution that will work for all parties. This is a win/win solution which is loving and does lead to peace.

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